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Magenta's SF Hill Street Blues 2

il y a 5 ans177 views

Instagram: @magentaskateboards

In April 2012, we flew to San Francisco to meet up with local friends, skate the city's unique hills & downtown and film the sequel of our 2011 SF HILL STREET BLUES video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xj4yxl_magenta-s-sf-hill-street-blues_webcam?search_algo=2

Featuring Magenta's Leo Valls, Soy Panday, Vivien Feil, Jimmy Lannon, Zach Lyons, our friends Ben Gore, Carlos Young, Evan Kinori, John Lindsay, Zach Chamberlain, Yoan Taillandier, Masaki Ui & more

Filmed & edited by Yoan Taillandier
Additional filming by Zach Chamberlain
Artwork by Soy Panday
Photography by Yoan Taillandier, Ben Gore, Isaac Randozzi

Look out for our new film SOLEIL LEVANT out on DVD JULY 2013

Magenta Skateboards - WORLDWIDE CONNECTIONS - 2013

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Magenta's SF Hill Street Blues 2
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