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    Rayman Legend's Kung Foot Tournament Round One


    by ThatOneVideoGamer

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    After taking a day to "practice", Jesse and Jirard face off against their first opponent, two extremely skilled DOTA 2 players.

    The Rayman Kung Foot tournament is a sporting event run by Polaris featuring channels like the Gamegrumps, Grettir, Presshearttocontinue, PurgeGamers, TheCompletionist, MuzzaFuzza, Shofu, LuminousInverse, IvyLeaguePunk, Katersoneseven, Markiplier, and more.

    Special thanks to the Rayman Legends team for providing us with the game early. With that said, due to legal reasons and stuff, I need to mention that this technically classifies itself as a promotion for the game. So enjoy the legal stuff:

    This video is part of a Rayman Legends promotional campaign.
    Some of the content contained in this video and/or compensation for my participation has been provided by Ubisoft Entertainment.


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