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    WEB NEWS - Romanians protest against mining project

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    Today on the net: web users in Romania campaign against a gold mining project. Painting public stairways becomes a new form of protest in Turkey. And web users claiming to be US servicemen oppose military intervention in Syria.
    Romanians protest against mining project
    As we can see in this amateur video footage, thousands of Romanians have taken part in rallies in the capital Bucharest and the rest of the country over the past few days to protest against a Canadian firm’s plans to mine for gold and silver in Romania’s small north-western town of Rosia Montana. The government supports the project which is soon to be voted on in parliament, but it has been met with strong opposition online.
    Although many have taken to the streets to voice their disapproval, the web is also abuzz with critics expressing their anger and concerns. Social networkers have been posting under the hashtag #SaveRosiaMontana, discussing the pollution the planned open mine will generate for example, as it will use vast amounts of cyanide, and they’ve been appealing to the government to change its mind.
    Web users are also being asked, like here on this site put together by activists, to contact their political representatives to let them know they feel about the quarries and urge them to vote against the project when it is put to the vote in parliament.
    Strong mobilization which looks set to continue over the coming days, and not just in Romania. Activists have launched a campaign on Facebook, with plans to stage a demonstration in front of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Thursday to call upon the organization to add the site to the World Heritage list, thus ensuring its protection. ... Go on reading on our web site.

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