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    DJ Khaled drops new "I Wanna Be With You" music video with a whole lotta Nicki Minaj going on! Hey Barbz and music lovers welcome back to ClevverMusic, your favorite music news source. Just yesterday producer and rapper DJ Khaled dropped his "I Wanna Be With You" music video featuring Rick Ross, Future and of course his wannabe wifey Nicki Minaj. And as we showed in our behind the scenes look at the new video a few weeks ago, it takes place in a sexy nightclub, with unfortunately no wedding bells in sight. Remember Khaled just fake proposed to Nicki? Yeah, who could forget?! Unlike most of the songs Nicki Minaj has been featured on this summer (and there's a lot) her verses come early in this track and she takes turns singing and rapping. In the "I Wanna Be With You" video we see the fellas Khaled and Future hanging with only the hottest ladies in a strobe light infested club in Miami. Not long into the video Queen of the Barbz makes her grand entrance. Nicki starts her first rap verse in a gorgeous blonde wig and designer white fitted dress against a purple background. And you know what those heels are high, so she's sitting on her throne doing her thang. But not so fast! Nicki proves she can once again hold her own with the guys and is seen rapping on a platform with sparkling rain pouring down. After Nicki's long feature the guys hang with more silhouette ladies in the club and finally Rick Ross appears! Ricky Rozay dons a Hawaiian shirt in his neon mirrored psychedelic cameo. Khaled and Future round wrap up the sexy song, longing for more than their material things, only wanting to be with their woman. Check out the video yourself, and you'll be wishing it was a Friday night. Barbz, if you want more where this music news came from just follow us on Twitter @ClevverMusic! I'm Misty Kingma your music host here in Beverly Hills, see you in the next video, that's a promise.