Superior Soffit Systems MAXFLO Vents

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The MAXFLO soffit vent is a game changing new product, a cleanable, reusable, serviceable soffit vent. A product that, historically was not a money maker can now add to income to your bottom line. The MAXFLO soffit vent can act as it\'s own stand alone profit center.

Our Superior Soffit Systems MAXFLO Vents work on the same concept as changing the AC filter(s) in your home, or cleaning the dirty lint trap filter found on clothes dryers. Starving your attic of needed intake air leads to expensive repairs and increased cooling and heating costs…The solution is simple and affordable with our serviceable soffit system!

This innovative design helps to maximize every component of your attic system year after year. Even if you have already invested in expensive attic efficiency items such as a radiant barrier, insulation, or A