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    Mother and Daughter Sentenced After Conducting Romance Scam

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    A mother and daughter received prison sentences of more than 12 years for perpetrating a romance scam over the internet.

    The online world makes it very hard to determine who can be trusted. Recently, a mother and daughter from Colorado received prison sentences of more than 12 years for perpetrating a Romance scam over the internet.

    Tracy and Karen Vasseur targeted women on internet dating sites and social media. The victims became romantically involved with men, who they thought were soldiers and gave their male love interests large sums of money.

    Eventually the love seeking women found out their boyfriends weren't real. Instead a female family duo was behind the scam.

    The mother and daughter team stole over $1 million from 374 unsuspecting women across 40 different countries. The pair then sent the money to varying countries, notably Nigeria, and presumably to accomplices who have yet to be identified.

    Tracy Vasseur who is the adult child of Karen, even admitted to using her 16 year old daughter in the fraud.

    John Suthers, Colorado State Attorney General stated ‘It is fitting that they received stiff sentences for their unconscionable crimes committed in the name of love and the United States military’.