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    WEB NEWS - Syria: activists appeal for drugs to treat gas attack victims

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    Today on the net: Syrian activists appeal for drugs to treat gas attack victims; a Dunkin’ Donuts ad in Thailand has sparked an online uproar;
    and the day to day problems faced by tall people…
    Syria: activists appeal for drugs to treat gas attack victims
    As Western powers continue to deliberate intervention into Syria, activists and NGOs have been busy on social networks appealing for drugs to treat victims in the event of another gas attack.
    Regardless of whether or not they support military action against the Bashar al-Assad regime, countless web users have taken to Twitter asking the international community to send reserves of atropine to Syrian hospitals.
    As explained on the website belonging to Smithsonian magazine which is produced by a US scientific research institute, atropine injections are the simplest way of treating neurotoxic symptoms like convulsions. But it does need to be administered soon after exposure to chemical gas.
    The NGO Doctors without Borders has said it sent 7,000 doses of atropine to Syrian hospitals following the 21st August chemical weapon attack on the outskirts of Damascus, but all stocks of the antidote have now been exhausted in Syria.
    Other humanitarian groups like Hemmah have also joined the effort. After appealing for donations via Facebook, the Jordan based NGO went on to buy 50,000 doses of atropine, some of which have already been dispatched to Syria.
    Dunkin’ Donuts ad in Thailand causes uproar
    A new ad from American pastry maker Dunkin’ Donuts has been raising eyebrows over the past few days: this poster from the company’s Thai division which displays a woman in blackface makeup promoting a new type of chocola... Go on reading on our web site.

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