[MV] Rainie Yang (杨丞琳) - Hurried Life (匆忙人生) (Cong Mang Ren Sheng) [HD 720p]



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Rainie Yang Is Busy With Her “Hurried Life” [MV]

On September 2nd, Rainie Yang uploaded a new music video Hurried Life from her latest album, Angel Wings.

In the video, we see different scenes of the daily lives of people, played fast-forward as their busy lives continue.

The song is played by a backhand way on a piano to create fun arrangement structures of the song. Rainie sings the satirical song to express the frustrations with the modern life. She looks delicate yet a little extravagant as she shows the positive side of these situations.

Rainie Yang is currently attending activities to promote her new album Angel Wings in Taipei. Angel Wings is her eighth Mandarin studio album.


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