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    Origins Little Lost Girl Achievement and Easter Egg Compilation - The Steps of Vorkuta


    by NGTZombies

    This is our Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies "Little Lost Girl" Achievement and Easter Egg guide entailing the Steps of Vorkuta following completion of the Ultimate Staff upgrades. We reference several other videos (since this is a fairly complicated Easter Egg / Achievement) and have linked them here below:

    Assembling the Maxis Drone:
    Obtaining the Bro Fist Upgrade:
    Obtaining the Tokio Lanterns/Beacons:

    Thanks to all our awesome players involved with our Origins Easter Egg hunt: Hypermole, Axel, Mankiller, RaginCroissant, Ziforia, and Hydracodine and also to our other Twitch moderators Suley and Courtroom for all their help and support!

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