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    by Renderyard

    3 171 views
    Best Microfilm. European Shortfilm Festival. FEC 2012.
    Seminci. Semana Internacional de Cine. (Valladolid, 2012).
    International Official Section Badadalona Film Festival (Filmets, 2012).
    Best Shortfilm "Free Theme" in Minute Festival (Brazil, 2013).
    Official Section Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio di Resana (Italia, 2013)
    Official Section Festival de Cortometrajes COR3, Roatán (Honduras, 2013).
    Official Section "Ils ont Osé" in Festival International des Très Courts (France, 2013).
    "Special Program" in The One Minute Film & Video Festival (Aarau, Switzerland, 2013).
    Official Section 7th Toronto Urban Film Festival (Canada, 2013).

    Broadcast on TV.

    A film by Toño Chouza
    Cinematographer Gema Briones
    Music Colleen
    Actress Alba Guilera

    Seule takes every detail of your surroundings so that solitude is not a defeat, but a way of life.

    Seule is a lone woman: She lives alone, works alone, talks alone, plays alone, takes breakfast alone, eats alone, takes dinner alone, sleeps alone, dreams alone, walks alone, runs alone, smiles alone, smokes alone, cries alone, drinks alone , dresses herself alone, undresses alone, shower alone, she looks at herself alone, she imagines herself alone, but she never feels lonely...