Iraqis protest against lawmaker privileges

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Hundreds take to the streets across Iraq to protest against corruption and generous pension payments to lawmakers.

Here in Nassiriya, security forces used water cannon to break up the protest.

Riot police armed with teargas and batons reportedly wounded 11 people and detained 10.

In the southern port city of Basra, demonstrators waved Iraqi flags and chanted anti-government slogans as they made their way through the city centre.

This man says the Iraqi parliament is now a business and members broke a number of financial promises to the Iraqi people.

There were similar scenes in the Shiite holy city of Kerbala where protesters called for lawmakers' pensions to be cancelled.

Others demanded better education and improved healthcare.

Meanwhile, security forces tightened measures in the capital Baghdad to prevent thousands from heading to Tahrir Square to rally.

The protests mark widespread anger at monthly payments of thousands of dollars an