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    Creased (DVD and Gimmick) by Arnel Renegado and RSVP Magic - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Welcome to RSVPs brand new release Creased by Arnel Renegado. A new effect that can stand alone at the end of any card routine or be THE impossible finish to your Ambitious Card Routine
    When you watch the trailer youll think that it cant really be that good. It is
    It looks like trick photography but it isnt
    This is truly one of the most visual card rises that weve ever seen and best of all the signed/creased card can be handed out for examination immediately
    Imagine having a card freely chosen (no force) and then signed by the spectator. Now take their card and fold a crease across the top of their card. Hand them the card and ask them to really crease the card so thats its undeniably unique to them.
    Now place their signed card into the middle of the deck and ask them to watch the top card. Visibly their creased card morphs to the top of the deck. The card is cleanly turned over to show that its their card which is immediately handed out to the spectator. Its that clean
    Creased comes with a full instructional DVD featuring Darren Robinson who teaches you the effect in complete detail with bonus handling tips and techniques. Also included is one Creased Gimmick that enables you to perform Creased with a Red Bicycle Deck. On the DVD Darren also teaches you how to make your own gimmicks although the one supplied will last for some time if handled correctly.
    Looks like a camera trick or edit... but it isnt Stunning and the method is as good as the effect. Practical and doable with minimal practice.
    Just when youve thought youve seen every ambitious finale up pops this amazing visual rise... Floored me completely. The method is absolutely ingenious and also extremely practical.