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    Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels - Cage Match

    Large Feigner

    by Large Feigner

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    Mohammed Howlader
    Two of the greatest going at it.
    I wish they could have co-existed together. Imagine if both Bret and Shawn were still able to go at it today. Man they would have some great psychological matches and promos. Brets best promos were when he was a tweener. If anything dare I say that in todays PG WWE Bret would be the cool tweener while HBK may resemble the more goofy face. (HBK vs JBL, HBK as the chef, HBK in new kiddie DX)
    By Mohammed Howlader7 years ago
    Chiquer , a 11"25 hbk met sa jambe dans le ring pour s aider de la corde pour ne pas toucher le sol
    By n/a7 years ago