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    So you head to Coney Island for a little carnival fun and Beyoncé is there filming a music video? Yup, and we've got pictures! Happy Friday welcome back to ClevverMusic. Beyonce was seen at Coney Island theme park in Brooklyn yesterday August 30 riding a rollercoaster, dancing with fans, all for a new music video! The 31-year-old rode the 86-year-old famous Cyclone rollercoaster and filmed it for the unnamed upcoming video. Bey sported a casual look with a baggy white tee, messy curly hair (yes it's still short), and a Notorious B.I.G. trucker hat. But that's not all, Bey rode some other rides and interacted with fans! In another photo we see the Queen engaged in a little dance party in the middle of the fair with some shirtless guys (or are they extras? Not sure), and later sported a pink bow and holding a dollar sign blow up bat! Easy there Bey, we don't want anyone to get hurt here! No word yet on what exactly this video is being shot for, but we can't wait to see the final product! To make it even more exciting the video is being directed by someone that is familiar to Little Monsters out there: famed photographer Terry Richardson! Beyoncé heads to Philadelphia for Labor Day weekend to perform at husband Jay Z's second annual Made in America festival. Tell us what you would have done if you were hanging out at Coney Island and King B showed up?! Would you BOW DOWN or play it cool? I'm Misty Kingma for ClevveMusic have a great weekend and watch all your music news right here!