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    by PETATV

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    Hahaha love the sight of this. Just went sunday night for that matter. Hell maybe the facts should be laid out for you PETA freaks.... Carp= invasive species which means they got this title for being a problem species in the environment. wait do you know the slogan "saving your bass one carp at a time"? Simply put carp are bottom feeders and when over populated they eat other fishes' spawn which destroys the actual "gamefish" population so what bowfishers do is the dirty fun work of managing a lakes and rivers so that fish that are not trash fish can populate correctly. Oh yeah and by the way you make it sound like we are shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe you should go try it and realize its not that easy and requires talent and skill to shoot fish because of the refraction effect of the water that confuses your depth perception in the water. Wow how much more can the PETA members minds be warped?
    By Scale-Impalers5 years ago
    b smith is right...and if u dont like bow fishing or the killing of fish then dont watch the videos on it and if Ur a vegetation thats wonderful but if u aren't, every hamburger and hot dog and piece of meat u've ate was slaughtered, at least this is a sport and u have to try to kill them not just raise them then chop their heads off
    By bowfishermaniateam5 years ago
    this is just anther attack of playing to the feelings of people without the full story. i noticed that the poster missed the fact that the carp where Asian carp an invasive species that is causing havoc in the US water ways and endangering native species. as well as the fact that bow fishing is the most effective way of controlling them. this is just even more poof that these groups aren't really animal rights as anti outdoors men. this should be taken as a lesson to all that think that they are helping save that cute puppy on those infomercials that most of the money groups like HSUS and Peta go not to protecting and caring for animals but to make miss information commercials like this one. it is a sad day when the governments of the world allow and unfortunately some times help with tax exempted status these groups to try what would be some of the biggest Eco disasters in history if they got their ways. I AM PRO TRUTH NOT ANTI GROUPS.
    By ghostwalker19885 years ago
    Hey bsjams - come try if you want to - IT'S A FISH, DUMBASS!
    By bsmith290705 years ago
    Hey - bsmith29070 - you're just a human, dumbass. I'd rather see you speared than those fish. Compared to me, you're a very low creature. Does that give me the right to impale you?
    By bsjams5 years ago
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