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Monsterland here's your weekly recap of everything Lady Gaga including her new role in the 'Sin City 2' movie and new song "Manicure"! Little Monsters thank for tuning in to ClevverMusic, this is "Whats Up With Gaga?" coming to you every single Friday. The latest Mother Monster news comes to us via JGL! That would be Joseph Gordon Levitt, the actor. We saw Gaga and Joseph engaging in a cute hug at the VMAs this weekend and now we know why! They have worked together in a new movie! In a new interview JGL let it slip that Gaga has a cameo in Robert Rodriguez's forthcoming "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" movie. In the interview Joseph praised Gaga's acting saying, "Mr. Rodriguez asked me to be in [the movie], and Lady Gaga is in a scene of it. And I gotta say, she did a really good job... Like, she's a great actress. And I didn't know that. You know she came in and I was like, 'OK sure, they're having a huge pop star do a scene in the movie, I understand.' But then she came in and like, nailed it!... I was really impressed." OMG JGL impressed? But sadly we're gonna have to wait awhile to see her cameo... the Sin City 2 flick is supposed to be in theaters August 22, 2014. However, Gaga's big screen debut in Machete Kills comes in October, so rest easy. Ok moving on. As you know Gaga started off this week opening the 2013 VMAs with "Applause" featuring not one but five costume changes finishing with her mermaid bikini thong! And yes she stayed in that thong for the rest of the show and even when she ran backstage to give One Direction advice on handling success and criticism. The boys were booed upon accepting an award at the show and Gaga took it upon herself to console the fivesome backstage, saying to them, "...you deserve every bit of success that you have, and don't you dare let those people boo you..." After such a sweet moment, we're dubbing her Mother Directioner. Also in Gaga news this week, Azealia Banks attacked Gaga on Twitter accusing her of stealing her mermaid look with her clam bra seen in the "Applause" video and in her VMA performance. Maybe she's just mad her Gaga collaborations aren't going to end up on ARTPOP? And speaking of ARTPOP Gaga revealed a new song title this week in her interview with Just Jared, called "Donatella". The song is an ode to strong women in honor of her fashion pal Donatella Versace. Also revealed this week was a song named "Gypsy" and we heard a preview of rock song "Swing" in an iTunes rehearsal video! The latest is a new rehearsal video revealing new song "Manicure"! The backstage footage shows Gaga dancing in a black bra and tights to an 80's themed pop song with her backup dancers. The song quality in the video has been lowered as to not give too much away. However, she did tweet some new Manicure lyrics, "PUT SOME LIPSTICK ON PERFUME YOUR NECK AND SLIP YOUR HIGH HEELS ON RINSEE AND CURL YOUR HAIR LOOSIN' YOUR HIPS AND GET A DRESS TO WEAR". Can't wait to hear the full Manicure song! Lastly, we wanna give a shout out to our Monster-of-the-Week ImJustAwesome @Gersaynh (GRRSAWN) on Twitter! Thanks for being a loyal ClevverMusic watcher. Just tweet us and maybe you'll get a shout out next week? I'm Misty Monster see you next Friday for another 'What's Up With Gaga?'