Chucky and Don Mancini (Curse of Chucky)


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By dm_52218cfca4738 2 years ago
My first memory of chucky was that I was 5 and I kept watching child's play over and over and my parents would hide the tape from me and I would find it. It's funny because I was so scared of that movie but I enjoyed watching it. Even my son 20 years later watches it with me especially part 2. My great recent memory was when chucky was chasing Andy up the conveyor belt of the good guy doll factory and my son, mind you three years old, was yelling at the screen, hurry, run, run. Lol like father like son, chucky would scare me in my nightmares so badly but I think he is one of my biggest icons. I liked you guys on Facebook so please send me a copy. I love you guys!
By Ezequiel Rodriguez Jr. 2 years ago
The director for Arnold was Georg Fenady.
By Blurg Esses 2 years ago