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    Talk: Syrian Nightmare - Countdown to Intervention | Quadriga

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    American officials now say they are certain that Bashar al-Assad’s government troops have employed chemical weapons in Syria, and the US is now planning a military response. UN inspectors have arrived in areas around Damascus where the gas attacks took place and reportedly killed hundreds of people, many of them children. Does Obama - a Nobel Peace Prize laureate - really have no other alternative than mobilization?


    Fawaz Tello - is part of Syria's secular opposition movement. He has been living in exile in Germany since 2012.

    Stefan Buchen - Journalist Stefan Buchen studied Arabic and French in before going on to post-graduate studies in Arabic and literature.

    Alison Smale - is a British journalist who graduated from Stanford University in the US. In December 2008, she became the first woman to take up the post of Executive Editor at the International Herald Tribune.

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