Hubblecast 68: The Hubble time machine

Hubble Space Telescope
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For episode 68 of the Hubblecast, Hubble transforms into more than just a telescope — it becomes a time machine! How can Hubble "look back in time" to see the Universe as it was billions of years ago? Dr. J explores the vast scale of our Universe, explaining how Hubble can be used to grasp cosmic distances, view very distant galaxies, and even explore our own past.

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Directed by: Nicola Guttridge
Visual design and editing: Martin Kornmesser
Written by: Nicola Guttridge
Presented by: Joe Liske (Dr J)
Narration: Sara Mendes da Costa
Images and animations: ESA/Hubble and NASA, M. Kornmesser

- Clips from Hubble IMAX 3D video “Hubble: Galaxies Across Space and Time”. Credit: NASA, ESA and F. Summers (STScI)
- Milky Way animation: Nick Risinger
- Supernova animation (hubblecast64b): ESA/Hubble (L. Calçada)
- Time machine model: Hameed

Music: Zero Project
Web and technical support: Mathias Andre and Raquel Yumi Shida
Cinematography: Peter Rixner (
Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen

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