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    Starving Puppy Abandoned in Mall Restroom Adopted by Loving Family

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    A tiny, once-abandoned dog can now lead a normal, happy life with a deserving family. The male Chihuahua puppy named peanut was left in a clothing bag and placed inside of a toilet stall at the Gulf View Square mall located in Port Richey, Florida.

    Some dogs have a rough start in life.

    Recently a male Chihuahua puppy named peanut who was left in a cloth bag and placed inside of a toilet stall at a mall in Florida was adopted by a loving family.

    Security guards found the dog on August 11th of this year. He was malnourished, making it very clear the former owner wasn’t taking proper care of him.

    Thankfully, Peanut was rescued by the Humane Society of the Nature Coast. The executive director of the organization, Joanne Schoch recently met a couple, who were left devastated over the loss of a cat.

    When speaking with the family, Schoch brought Peanut with her. The woman asked if she could hold the dog and Schoch allowed her to, despite being slightly hesitant because Peanut had previously been very nervous around people.

    Schoch briefly left the room and she was greeted by a nice surprise when she returned. The puppy was content.

    Schoch stated “I couldn't believe how calm he was. Ever since he came to us, he had been a nervous wreck.”

    An adoption soon followed the heartwarming meeting.