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    Jay Z and Justin Timberlake drop the HOLY GRAIL of all music videos. Pun intended. Hey guys welcome back to ClevverMusic, it's nice to see you again. It seems Jay Z has said BYE to Samsung and HELLO Facebook. Hov debuted his brand new 'Holy Grail' music video on Facebook, the first artist to ever do so. The music video will live on Facebook for 24 hours exclusively and then likely jump over to VEVO. And what a video it is. The dark video sees Jay Z starting off the track rapping in what looks like a candlelit old haunted mansion. The "Holy Grail" track is chopped up throughout the video, stopped, slowed down, and completely rearranged. The song's first cuts comes in and we see Jay watching some boxing on a vintageTV. We realize why a few seconds later when Jay raps about his line about Tyson in the song. After images of Jay brooding in the abandoned home, the song cuts out again to introduce Justin Timberlake. JT's solo verse that is normally at the very beginning of the track comes in and we him in a deserted cathedral. Statues come to life as ghostly dancers and Justin takes a seat at what we think is a Last Supper table replica... Is Justin playing Jesus? Then Jay Z takes over the video again, as we never actually see the fellas together, and he's rapping in a drained swimming pool. It seems some force is out to get them because Justin finishes the video in front of a burning car and Jay Z keeps having guns pulled on him. We're not sure we 100% understand we understand all the symbolism in the video, but we're fascinated by the imagery, mood lighting, and artistic nature of the video. And that's exactly what a music video should be. You definitely need to watch it for yourself and tell us what you think all the imagery means. And do you think Jay put himself at beginning of the music video, on purpose? I'm Misty Kingma with another music news segment, I'll be right back here soon with more where this came from. Holy Grail.