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    Kelly and Lindsey Do New York THE WEB SERIES - Episode 2

    Kelly and Lindsey

    by Kelly and Lindsey

    Episode 2- Kelly and Lindsey Get a Boyfriend

    In this episode, Kelly and Lindsey steal a homeless man's dog and parade him around town as their wing man, but it all goes south when they realize the dog only attracts gay men. Kelly tries to kill him. It's not good.

    KELLY AND LINDSEY DO NEW YORK: A sexy, appalling new web series from the girls who brought you oral herpes.

    Kelly and Lindsey will do just about anything to lead mediocre lives, including stealing from their job to pay rent, kidnapping a homeless dog to meet men, and dressing in drag to fit in. Will they get away with their shenanigans because they're pretty, or will they get run out of town? (Hint: They get run out of town.)

    Twitter: @kellyandlindsey

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