Polyester (with gimmicks) by Zivi Kivi - Magic Trick

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Available from http://www.world-of-magic.co.uk
You walk into a group of people in a close up or street magic settings and show them the newest thing in the world of magic - Mind Reading Stickers.
My friend Zivi Kivi has taken technology Ive never seen before and customized it for magicians. A truly unique revelation that you can leave with the spectator
- Bill Abbott
Heres how they work You stick them on your smartphone (or the spectators phone) so that they can charge up. You hand over the phone to the person in front of you and from that point on everyone is mesmerized by the screen. What they see is the magician doing sleight of hand both live and through a free application installed on all smartphones. You proceed to allow the spectator to select a card and then dramatically you peel off the sticker and reveal that although it was completely clear throughout the entire routine it has now transformed - a card name has appeared on it. You turn over the actual card selected by the spectator only to reveal its exactly the same card indicated by the sticker - a perfect match You can then place the sticker on your business card and give it to the spectator as an impossible gift that she will surely keep.
Shape Shifting Stickers
Easy to use
This is just one of the many routines you can try immediately after unpacking Polyester. The Shape Shifting Stickers are self working and you can easily perform the routine again and again revealing a new card every time. Use Polyester on window shields on book covers on any smartphone on your business card or on the specially added gimmick that is enclosed in the package.
Any Smartphone
Any deck of cards
Adaptive and ingenious
Multiple Routines
Polyester is a Unique magic effect that allows you to upgrade any card trick into a cool and visual routine and the best part - its super easy to do and its so new and unheard of that people actually perceive this as real magic. Polyester is much mo