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    Emperor by MO and RYU-KA - Magic Trick Demo 3

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    This is an omnibus collection DVD featuring MO and Ryu-ka who are Japans leading young magicians. It includes selected 5 card tricks and 5 coin tricks. These will surprise magicians all over the world.
    MO is in charge of card tricks and very talented. He won the third prize at Japan Close-Up Contest in 2013. He is very brilliant and he can solve any inconvenience cleverly. The Concept for the work is modern approaches to classic tricks. He pursues visual and stylish effect and leaves it deceptive. Please watch carefully his card touch. It is highly acclaimed by Lee Asher and makes the tricks more stylish.
    Ryu-ka is in charge of coin tricks and extremely outstanding person of ideas. He performs highly visual tricks with flexible imagination and sophisticated technique. You might think he uses gimmick coins but its not true. The Concept for the work is the tricks which can be performed in the real world. He shows a lot of visual effects which seem to be workable only in the motion picture but you can actually perform them. Although its not easy to learn we can assure you that it will be your reliable performance.
    The explanations are easy to understand with video picture as well as text and graphics. You can learn the motion and the purpose steadily and surely.
    This is the third DVD which Frenchdrop Inc is proudly releasing to the world. Its a truly masterpiece for imagination and elaborate skills. Enjoy high-end tricks.
    Great stuff I really like your Work Soft hands clever handling and japanese flow
    - Jan Logemann
    Japan is such an incredible talent pool... In the same vein Pontas work a new generation of magicians offers killer materials thats guaranteed to blow any audience away Ryu-ka presents real world workable coin magic which is both highly visual and impressive the synthesis of modern coin techniques and his own routines. Bravo
    - Lawrens Godon
    MO has a lovely touch with playing cards. Also his card