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    Zodiac by Chris Ballinger - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Zodiac by Chris Ballinger is not just a trick but a complete system for creating a lasting impression on your audience.
    The Effect
    The performer shows a pile of cards depicting the signs of the Zodiac. A spectator is asked to cut the cards and the remainder is used to make a circular calendar. The spectator counds how many cards they cut and then moves around the calendar to that number. When the card they are pointing to is turned over it is shown to be their sign Then they look at the card they cut to and it is an exact match as well. These are the only two cards in the entire pile that match their Zodiac symbol.
    Effect Two
    This can be done as a stand alone effect or as a follow-up to the routine just mentioned. The pile of Zodiac cards are split in two and both pile are shuffled by the spectator. One pile is taken by the spectator and the other by the magician. The magician places cards face-down on the table and the spectator puts their cards on top of them one at a time. At the end of the routine all of the cards match perfectly. This can be doen as a prediction a mind-reading or a cold-reading effect.
    Effect Three Two spectators connect as one secretly places their card down on the table. The other spectator says stop anywhere they like as the second pile of Zodiac cards are delt on the table. When the two cards are turned over it is an exact match.
    Recommended For
    Perfect for mentalists close-up magicians and restaurant workers. A great ice-breaker that really gets the crowd to open up to you.
    No sleight of hand memorization or re-set time. You can immediately repeate the trick with different results
    Trick Specifications
    Includes twenty-four ungimmicked Zodiac cards featuring original artwork ny Chris Ballinger and aged texture beautifully printed on heavy card stock cloth carrying bag and instructional DVD. DVD includes step-by-step how to perform all of the effects plus bonus handlings and