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    Monarch by Chris Ballinger - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Monarch by Chris Ballinger is a poetic piece of magic that will earn you the reputation of a miracle worker.
    The Effect
    A borrowed dollar bill is wrapped in a piece of tissue and places into a spectators hand. When the spectator unwraps the tissue they find that the dollar has folded itself into an origami butterfly. You breathe life into the butterfly and it crawls hangs from you fingertips and then flies fluttering from hand to hand..
    The in-depth instructional DVD will teach you this killer routine plus bonus handlings and a revolutionary new levitation system. This system allows you to get ready invisibly right in front of the spectator any time you need to.
    Recommended For Anyone that wants to create a lasting impression with their audience.
    Trick Specifications
    Includes everything you need to get started and an instructional DVD thats a full hour long.