Pink Floyd - The final cut - CLIP

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@David_A_Sobral - I agree with you - 'The Final Cut' and 'Animals' are my favourite Pink Floyd Albums.

The Final Cut is an amazing song, and when I first saw the video, I couldn't help but get emotional - it's an amazing video that makes me look back - I was born in 1975, but some of that older footage seems to resonate with me in a way I can't explain.
Par shaneporter66 il y a 4 ans
most amasing
Par kmehul3 il y a 5 ans
putain ...Même avec les années elle ne prends pas un e ride!!!Quelle œuvre grandiose!! merci !!
Par lelacdesparfums1 il y a 5 ans
I can't believe it! I'm finally seeing this complete short film of Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut". MTV aired this only once back in 1983, then broke it up into four seperate music videos of which I only saw two. This is great & it's about time. "The Final Cut", as well as "Animals" are probably Floyd's two most under-appreciated LPs.
Par David_A_Sobral il y a 5 ans
Roger should have never gone against the band in the first place--No one plays guitar like Gilmour.
Par JayLang il y a 6 ans
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