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    Apparently, this park opened only last week in Paris. I could be wrong about that, but that was my understanding. The Petite Ceinture was built in the Second Empire period in the 19th c. and worked serving passengers and freight until 1934. When I first moved to Paris 20 years ago, once a year parts of it would have special train rides, but then that stopped. It was good to see what they've done with this, in the 15th arrondissement.

    I think the bright green building is part of a housing and investment project associated with RATP, the transit people. I could be wrong about that. These are excellent investments, I've heard, if you are young and have some money and don't need to occupy your apartment for a couple of decades.

    There are numerous entrances to this long park and many have elevators/lifts. There are bike and running paths, there are nature notes posted, appropriate plants, trees, bugs and animals are encouraged naturally, and whether you live in Paris or are just visiting, I recommend this for a visit. It closes at night. I found it safe and saw children playing with their guardians at great distance, relaxed. You can see some unusual vistas from here and the variety of architecture you can see is wonderful. Paris is one of the world's premier capital cities with more green spaces per capita than any other capital city. I see a lot of building, expansion, improvement and rethinking of things here and the number of cultural attractions is just staggering.

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