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    Dog Survived Stabbing by Owner's Angry Ex-Boyfriend

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    A dog in Mexico that encountered a horrible attack by the hands of a human has amazingly survived. The troubling incident occurred on July 12th, 2013 in Baja, California.

    There are way too many abuse stories about animals. Fortunately, some have happy endings.

    A dog that encountered a horrible attack at the hands of a man named Ramón Villalobos has amazingly survived. Ramón allegedly wanted to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend who had recently broken up with him.

    He reportedly stole her dog dingo, tied him up, punched and stabbed him, leaving the poor animal close to death. After the attack, Dingo mustered the strength to walk a short distance from the scene of the beating and get help.

    A member of the public took the battered dog to a veterinary hospital. The canine had a fractured skull and numerous stab wounds. Due to the horrific beating, he lost vision in one eye and could only see partially from the other.
    A local rescue organization took Dingo in and paid for all of his medical expenses.

    The group recently posted information on its Facebook page alerting concerned citizens that Dingo has made a full recovery since the stabbing.