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    Shocking A Reveal & Is Alison Dead or Alive? Pretty Little Liars 4x12 Recap


    by ClevverTV

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    PLL had quite the dramatic mid-season ending and there are a ton of A-related theories... first let's break down the episode called Now You See Me, Now You Don't, but it will probably be remembered as World War A. All throughout the episode, the gals receive packages of clues. First it's 4 Magic 8 balls with a message relating to Hanna's mom who is set free. Then they receive a kids coffin with a Mona doll in it -- along with a note that says to find Mona first or the cops will think they killed her. Mona is MIA -- not even showing up at her welcome back party from the French club... but Toby follows Shana to a bed and breakfast where Mona is hanging. Thanks to Toby's detective skills, we also find out that Melissa and Wren might be working or living together in London. Hints, hints -- we want the truth, right?! Well it seems like Jakria isn't as compatible as we thought. After Jake heads home tired from their movie night, Aria tries to catch the end of a poetry reading -- and runs into Ezra. They have coffee together and kiss -- like it's no big deal!! Noooo they didn't!!! So Cece is officially on the news -- the police are looking for her... and the gals find her after heading to Ravenswood for a magic show. That's after receiving yet another package from A that leads them to a show by the Great Charlemagne. While Aria is part of the show, Emily disappears and winds up in a coffin box at a saw mill. The gals make it to her just in the knick of time before being cut up by an electric saw and Aria chases one of two red coat blondies... it's Cece who she uses her martial arts moves on, and then Cece falls to what we think is her death, but she disappears -- shocker! The other red coat leads Spencer to a lair. Seriously, how many lairs does A have?! We see an eyeball watching the girls from a hole in a painting -- it has GOT to be Ali's eye... especially since Sasha Pieterse tweeted out this eye in artwork photo saying "recognize this?" So during this search of A's lair, the gals realize that A must be a guy -- there's a closet full of suit jackets and suits... Hanna steals a small book that appears to be a diary. I really tried to remember if we've seen this book before, but I don't recognize it -- do you?? Leave a comment below, if so!! We also find out that Ali is alive -- per Mrs. Grunwald -- who reveals that Alison used to come to her to figure out who was threatening Ali back in the day. Mrs. Grunwald had a vision that Ali was not ok and actually found her buried alive... before they could get to the hospital for help, Alison disappeared... the old woman in Ravenswood warns the girls that HE is watching -- A is a guy -- and that they need to stop chasing after Ali, if they want her to be safe. A is hoping that the PLLers will take A to Alison... even with this warning and shocking news, the girls want to find Alison, so they plan to show up at the Ravenswood party where Ali is set to attend. CUT TO: the major shocker of the mid-season finale that has fans chatting it up... is Ezra A?!? We see him at A's lair and he is quite upset to find out that someone else has been there. It really seems like this is his place and that he is A or working with A, but some fans are still thinking that there's no way Ezra could be in on it. What do you think?? Marlene King's hint that A was in the first episode is supported if Ezra is A and her hint that "all will be revealed in 3B" is also supported by the fact that Ezra's apartment in 3B even though most of us assumed she meant season 3 episode 2. There are a ton of theories about this, but right now, we want to hear from you. WHO IS A?? And what is going on with Ezra?? Post a comment below, and subscribe to ClevverTV for all of your Pretty Little Liars news. And we will definitely be on the lookout in the next new episode -- not until October -- for the person in the World War 2 --inspired gas mask costume. That's our mystery friend at the end of this episode.... Soooo creepy. Alright, I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for checking out ClevverTV. Se eyou next time!

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