Daredevils of the Red Circle Part1 The Monstrous Plot


by Mister_Curious

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Escaped convict Harry Crowell, alias '39013' (Charles Middleton), blames the millionaire philanthropist Horace Granville (Miles Mander) for the fifteen hard years he spent in prison. And now on the loose, 39013 will not rest until everything Granville has built is utterly destroyed. When one of 39013's acts of terror causes the death of an innocent young circus performer, the three Daredevils of the Red Circle commit themselves to bringing 39013 to justice. But will a high diver (Charles Quigley), a strongman (Herman Brix), and an escape artist (David Sharpe) be enough enough to find and capture 39013, a master of disguise who eludes even the police? And who is the mysterious figure who calls himself "The Red Circle?" (1939 - Republic Pictures)

Directed by William Witney and John Enlish, DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE is a terrific, action-packed serial. Leading man Charles Quigley, Olympic shotput champion Herman Brix, stuntman David Sharpe, character actor Miles Mander, pin-up girl Carole Landis, veteran comedic actor Fred "Snowflake" Toones, the sinister Charles Middleton, and even Tuffie the dog all propel the story forward. Yes, depicting African-American actor Snowflake as a servile buffoon does offend modern sensibilities, and yes, the plot has more than a few holes. All-in-all, however, the energetic performances and the amazing sets and stuntwork make DOTRC one of best serials and a joy to watch. (1939 - Republic Pictures)