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U-Lot Sound Featuring Jem - Made Of Stars (Nick Hook & Martin Sharp Remix)

il y a 5 ans42 views

U-LOT SOUND featuring JEM - 'Made Of Stars'
Nick Hook & Martin Sharp Remix
Jeepers! Music

Jeepers! proudly presents 'Made Of Stars', the amazing debut single from U-Lot Sound featuring the stylish vocals of Jem.

'Made Of Stars' was written by U-Lot Sound frontman Bosun on a starry night after a beach party in Koh Samui in Thailand. 'There were people from all around the world chilling out on this little beach, lying down looking up at the sky,' he says. 'I thought, Is that where we all come from?' When Bosun returned to the UK he teamed up with vocalist Jem to produce this classic vocal club track.

When Jeepers! heard 'Made Of Stars', we realised it was one of those rare songs that really works as a club track, so we set about putting together this top-class package of club mixes by So Called Scumbags, Steve Mill and Nick Hook & Martin Sharp.

So Called Scumbags has produced a first-rate remix with a chunky, techy and dubby house groove that works superbly with the vocal – and the d

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U-Lot Sound Featuring Jem - Made Of Stars (Nick Hook & Martin Sharp Remix)
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