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    Abby Martin Discusses Breaking The Set and Her Work at RT [TheLipTV]


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    Abby Martin has become a new media superstar with her whip smart take on truth telling and cutting through bullshit to deliver news on RT. We invite her to discuss being labelled as propaganda for Russia, the 9/11 truth movement, Dr. Ron Paul and his son Rand's presidential bids, and much more on this interview with Buzzsaw.

    The explosive energy of each piece calls to life with psychedelic force the different realities Abby treads as she deconstructs the world around her in constant search of balance and truth. Whether reflecting on the natural world or the manmade world, the awakening or deadening of consciousness, cultural controlling dichotomies, the power of the mystic and all that is unknown, the condition of the social, the construction of the economic, or the corruption of the political, Abby's work displays an intense passion for life and her deep desire to engage others in her vision.