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    Original Summer Checklist 2013 Contest Water



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    Surfing, Cliff Jumping, Swimming: What would summer be without water? With the help of our Twitter followers, you showed us the perfect vision of summer: through your lens. This is the first installment of the mini YouTube Contest mashup series. Find the contest rules at:
    Congrats to YouTube user Christian Ferrarie, raffle winner, and Alex Schmitt, best video winner. Follow us on Twitter for more details about the rules or hit the description of this video below for ways to enter.

    Here are the rules:
    1. Grab Your Camera:
    On YouTube, submit your favorite one minute or less edit taken while enjoying the adventures on our summer checklist with the corresponding dates below. We'll place some of the edits in our upcoming videos.
    2. Get Social:
    On Twitter, follow @oslongboarding, Tweet us your video URL, and tag it #OriginalSummer.
    3. Cross Your Fingers:
    We will pick several winners to be part of our Summer Checklist Series on YouTube. Each item on our checklist will have two winners: winner for the best clip and a raffle winner. The winners will receive a deck of his or her choice.
    4. Rinse and Repeat

    Here are some dates:
    Water: Submit your clips by Midnight Thursday Aug 22
    Skate: Submit your clips by Midnight Thursday Aug 29
    Friends: Submit your clips by Midnight Thursday September 5


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