Volkswagen Ends Microbus Production

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Its official – the Volkswagen Microbus production is ending.

Its official – the production of the Volkswagen Microbus is ending.

Commonly associated with hippies, the lifespan of the Microbus was 63 years. For several decades, Brazil specialized in making the boxy vehicle, however the design element, which gave the van the classic shape, put the driver ahead of the front axle.

And that is now a major problem, as the country recently outlined new safety requirements which will be put into effect next year. Sadly, the Microbus can’t be modified to meet the new rules.

The proper term for the Microbus is the Kombi or Type 2 model, but it also received some nicknames over time. It was called the Minibus, Hippiemobile, VW bus, Weekender and camper.

The first model was introduced in 1950.

In memory and partial celebration of the Hippiemobile’s life, Volkswagen will build 600 Kombis on a ‘last edition’ basis. (2,4,2) Those vehicles will have a retro white and light blue two-tone paint job along with whitewall tires, vintage curtains, white hubcaps and vinyl upholstery. (2,4,3)

Each Last Edition Kombi will reportedly retail for about $36,000.