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    Man Purposely Crashed Mobile-Home into Tavern

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    One man in Oregon has been forced to undergo both a physical and mental evaluation after he purposely drove his motorhome directly into a Boring bar.

    Most people avoid crashing into a building. However one man in Boring, Oregon purposely drove his motorhome into a bar.

    The incident happened on August 24, at roughly 2:00 in the morning. The Timber Tavern had already closed for the night when deputies were called to the scene.

    A few people were inside of the business at the time of the crash. Officers noticed the large motorhome jammed right up against the establishment.

    They also saw the male driver walking around outside of the vehicle. Deputies saw wounds on the man’s arm, which were self-inflicted.

    A Fire and Rescue team was also sent to the bar. Police authorities spoke to the driver of the motorhome. After a brief investigation law enforcement determined that the male crashed the motorhome intentionally.
    Thankfully no one was hurt as a result of the crash. Although the driver's true motive remains unclear for smashing the motorhome, he did receive a citation.

    The man was quickly transported to a nearby hospital where his mental status along with his wounds could be evaluated and treated.