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    Hormone Imbalance During Period You Need To Watch - This Hormone Imbalance During Period!

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    245 views - hormone imbalance during period? You need to watch - this hormone imbalance during period!

    Hormone imbalance is quite a rampant problem in women especially the ones who are of middle age order. Women’s health is greatly affected by hormones and if there should be any imbalance, the health conditions could deteriorate. A woman with hormonal imbalance not only suffers from physical health conditions but also faces complications in relationships with others.

    What causes hormonal imbalance?

    There are various factors contributing to the hormone imbalance in women. The lifestyle of a woman is one of the important factors on the whole which is responsible for hormonal imbalance. The lifestyle includes the nutrition, the physical activities, mental stress, and physiological activities such as menstrual cycle. Sometimes hormonal levels are also affected due to external stimuli such as chemicals, dust, smoke, etc

    What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

    There are various symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women which can be identified by self examination. Here is the list of few of the common symptoms which can help you determine if you have hormone imbalance:

    Hot flashes
    Irritable nature
    Facial hair growth
    Mood swings
    Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
    Irregular menses
    Bone loss
    Oily skin ( Also, presence of Acne)
    Sleep disturbances
    Tender breasts
    Decreased sex drive

    How to treat hormonal imbalance?

    After you have self examined yourself with the above symptoms, you can come to a conclusion if you have hormonal imbalance. If you have identified majority of the symptoms in you, there are pretty good chances that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. Under such circumstances, it is imperative that you visit your doctor and seek medical attention to it.

    The conventional treatment would include hormonal modifiers which can either reduce or increase your hormone levels depending on the case which is with you. But since medicines for treatment of hormonal imbalance would cause more side effects, you may wish to go for home remedies which are listed below:

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