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    Dozens killed in 2GO ferry crash near Cebu: 2GO and Sulpicio Lines are killers!

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    The innocent people of the Philippines suffered another preventable tragedy on Friday, as a crowded inter-island ferry operated by 2GO Travel collided with a cargo ship operated by Sulpicio Lines, killing at least 52 people. Investigators haven't assigned blame yet, but both companies have terrible safety records and show utter disregard for the lives of the people they serve.

    The MV Sulpicio Express Siete, owned by Sulpicio Lines, survived Friday's collision with a chunk missing from its bow. The company has caused over 5,000 maritime deaths as of this year. Their single worst mishap was the sinking of the MV Doña Paz, which killed over 4,000 people.

    The other party, 2GO is owned by the Chinese government through a private equity firm that only counts pesos and not human lives. The hapless population of the Philippines many islands have little choice but put their safety in the hands of the country's largest ferry conglomerate.

    In an area famous for it's aquatic environment, and which relies heavily on tourism and fishing, the impact of this tragedy will be doubly felt. Other than the nearly 800 occupants, 2GO Travel's MV St. Thomas Aquinas was loaded with 20 tons of diesel and 120 tons of bunker fuel, which is now lapping the shores of Mactan island, between Cebu and Bohol. The area is a magnet for tourists wishing to see rare whale sharks up close, but that could change now. Nobody will be lining up to jump into a massive oil slick.

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