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    Ben Affleck better Batman than Christian Bale! HAHAHA, just kidding

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    Ben Affleck will be bringing his own personal brand of Dark Knight to the upcoming Batman-Superman man meat crossover flick. And no sooner has the internet gotten wind of Christian Bale's replacement than a furor the size of the Man of Steel's bulge has been kicked up. Apparently, Bale won't be answering the bat signal anymore, saying he wants to explore new characters, and devote more time to roundhousing paparazzi.

    But we really shouldn't throw Affleck to the trolls just yet. Sure, Daredevil was so bad it made actual blind people poke their eyes out, but he's reinvented himself since then! Back then he used to be one half of the heinous screeching nightmare carapace that was the Gorgon "Bennifer". But he got that lanced and now he casually pops out a gem like Argo, which was pretty good up until the end, which made no sense. Why would the Iranians chase a jet with trucks? They had F-14 fighter jets!

    Anyway, even if Affleck doesn't make good Batsuit-stuffing, he'll be acting opposite the most evil man on cable, Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston. Cranston will be bringing his special brand of tighty whitey villainy to the character of Lex Luthor, Batman's traditional enemy. Ordinarily I'd be quaking in my boots, waiting for an onslaught of angry Superman fans to scream in a Dr. Pepper scented falsetto that Lex Luthor is Superman's number one enemy, but based on the box office results of the last few Superman boondoggles, I don't think there are any Superman fans.


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