Lew Leslie's Blackbirds Orchestra - Bandanna Babies


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Lew Leslie (1888-1963) was a Broadway writer and producer. Although white, he was the first impressario to present black artists on stage. He became famous for his stage shows at the Cotton Club and later for his Blackbirds revues, which he mounted in 1926, 1928, Blackbirds of 1928 starring Adelaide Hall and Bill Bojangles Robinson was his most successful revue, 1930, 1933, and 1939. The Blackbirds revues helped advance the career of several famous artists, including Florence Mills, Adelaide Hall, Tim Moore, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Lottie Gee and Lena Horne. Leslie began his career doing a patter act in vaudeville. He had two well-known wives, torch singer Belle Baker and Ziegfeld Follies showgirl Irene Wales. This virtuosic tune is from the 1928 edition. It is not clear whether Leslie actually is directing the orchestra on this side.

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Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Thank you Genia! This is particularly sparkling tune I love myself...
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
You are right, Gala, this music is a true outburst of joy :-)
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Great to read you enjoyed this happy tune, Jack, thank you!
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Thank you Ginny! This is such an energetic and cheerful tune and performance isn't it.
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
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