The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever - Part 2 of 2

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no one gonna even mention shellac?
By Daniel Campbell August
In 1986, I worked for it's sister park, Pocono Action Park, in Tannersville PA. If you go to the Pocono Mountains today, where P.A.P. once stood, you'll find a huge Outlet Mall in it's place. The people I worked with there became a second family to all of us. I still talk to most of them to this day. Anyways, I remember my parents taking me and my best friend to Action Park towards the end of summer. I know we weren't there very long because the lines to "ride" or "use" any of the attractions were insanely long. At the time, we just assumed it was because school was starting in two weeks when we visited there so people wanted to get their last minute summer fun in. Looking back, I could see how wrong we were. I think I only went on three or four of the attractions. One of them was the cliff jump. I hadn't realized there were two heights to jump from. I went to the 100' drop. I can't say I was injured, but I remember hitting the water flat foot and thinking I have never experienced pain like that in my 14 years being alive. The lifeguard or ride attendant may have told me to point my toes when I land, but it's a very vague memory. The other ride I remember waiting in line for was the tube water slide which dropped you into a lake at the bottom. The ride attendant stated, "The water is very cold." She wasn't kidding. Do you remember that scene in Titanic where Leonardo DeCaprio's character explains to Kate Winslet when you jump into ice cold water it's extremely painful? Like little knives stabbing you? That's what it felt like. All in all, I can't say I had a good time there. I had a much better time at Pocono Action Park, albeit it was much smaller. The memories me and many other friends I made there will last forever.
By C.c. Storm Last year
I started work there in 1979. I worked there in the spring and summer at Action Park, at "Motor World" , which was across the highway from the Alpine slides, grass skiing etc., and worked there as a lift attendant during the winter. The incident they talk about with the first death was on a track called the "Super" Alpine slide,this was just added to the 2 regular Alpine slide tracks, that was not even open to the public yet. I only know what I heard from other employees about the incident, which was that an employee has stopped on the track to clean off some debris on the track, when another employee came down at full speed and ran into him, causing him to careen off the track and hit his head on some rocks, killing him. At this point in time there were no water rides, attractions, etc other that the water jet boats, paddle boats and a water wheel that was pretty nasty from the smell. It was crazy the amount of people that showed up. If a person for example was abusing the super go carts and did not want to obey the rules, and did not want to get off the track, we threw a truck tire in front of them to stop them. (semi truck tires were used around the perimeter of the track to keep people from going off the track) (We also had an "employee Super cart" (#!13) that had the governor disabled.) This was the accepted practice to stop an unruly customer. I also worked the ski lifts in the winter, and while I was there, there was no one under the age of 16 working as an attendant that i knew of during the entire time I worked there. My boss at action world was pretty much careful about safety for everyone.I remember while i was there a Grand Prix car, that had a Wankel Rotary engine meant for a larger track, was accidentally shipped there. After hours the head mechanic took that car out on the super go cart track and took a few laps. The reported top speed for the 2 speed automatic Grand Prix car was about 72 mph. Needless to say, the public never got to drive this car. Never saw all the water rides I saw on this video, as I moved to TX in the spring of 1981. Alcohol and much pot smoking was a norm there by most of the patrons, and a few of the staff, but not as wide spread as reported here. I must admit that it was one of the best jobs I had ever had, especially a a high school student. Fun, wild, kinda crazy sometimes, we all got tickets to each of the major rides every week, needless to say, I used mine rather than give them away or sell them.
By Mwkendall3 2 years ago
I love ACTION PARK bring back the ALPINE SLIDE!!!
By Jmike21570 2 years ago
I was there the day the loop water slide opened and a kid broke his arm! The super high water slide was the bomb! Total right of passage for a little kid. You could hear people scream all the way down as they got pushed through the little tunnel up top. Bad thing was... it gave me a $#@* enema! Ha! Also loved Tarzan swing and the cliff jumps. Rest in peace Action Park!
By Joed Emc 2 years ago
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