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    The WAN Show : Win 8 banned on HWBot, and SPACE GLASSES with GUEST Chris Pirillo - August 23, 2013


    by LinusTechTips

    After party : Sorry no afterparty this week

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    4:00 HW Bot bans Windows 8 benchmarks due to RTC issue
    10:40 EA does something good...again? what?
    17:20 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Xpac coming!
    21:38 Ben Affleck as Batman
    26:57 Oculus is looking to solve simulator sickness
    29:38 ICANN bans dotless domains, Google is sad
    31:28 Chris Pirillo Joins the WAN Show!
    35:18 Popularity of toys
    39:42 Starwars and Disney?
    45:00 Space-glasses
    58:44 lg Display - 2560x1440 5.5" screen
    1:06:08 Mobile Console gaming
    1:14:40 Chris Pirillo Twitter Blitz
    1:23:31 AMD claims PS4 Has a greater performance advantage than expected
    1:25:40 Wacom announces new Cintiq Tablet
    1:29:19 MASSIVE price drops on AMD 9590
    1:37:45 ESO Online Monthly Fee paid with Micro transactions