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    Polite Intruders Write a Thank You Note

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Down on their luck in the Alaskan woods, a couple broke into a cabin, ate some food, and left a thank-you note and some money for the owner.

    Is breaking into somebody’s house and eating their food a crime even if you write a thank you note?

    Two people were out on a local river when they apparently had an accident. Low on gear and caught in the rain they stumbled upon a vacant cabin in the Alaskan woods.

    Apparently they let themselves in, enjoyed some noodles, and spent the night.

    When the cabin owner returned he noticed immediately that someone had been there in his absence.

    After entering he found that whoever it was, they’d left him a note written on a paper plate and some money.

    They explained why they were there and what they took, but didn’t sign their real names, choosing to identify themselves as Two Too Desperate instead.

    Not that the owner would have pressed charges either way.

    His response was to forward the letter to an Anchorage television station with a note of his own.

    In it he wrote, “To me, this is what Alaska is all about! People helping people in times of need. Sure beats the vandalism we too often see."