Man Built a Castle for Himself in Florida

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78-year-old Howard Soloman, has a completed castle to call home. He built the stunning structure entirely by hand.

There are some architectural structures and sites that hold a special meaning for the locals and there’s nothing like residents pitching in to help in with restoration efforts.

That is exactly what happened in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand. Dwellers in several nearby villages teamed up to rebuild a temporary replacement of the Mon Bridge.

The crossing was reportedly the second longest wooden bridge, spanning approximately 2700 feet including the approaches. The bridge washed away last month during a storm.
One man decided to build his very own castle, and today 78-year-old sculptor Howard Soloman, has a castle to call home.

The elaborate building has a dungeon, drawbridge, bell tower, moat, an east and a west wing along with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The castle is three stories high and encompasses 12,000 square feet.

It has nearly 100 stained glass windows that were created by Soloman. It does help that he is an artist and his creativity can easily be seen when just looking at the exterior of the structure.

Soloman moved to Florida in the early 1970s. He bought some land, hoping to build a home for his wife and five children.

When he discovered there was a swamp located on the property, he chose to design a tall building to prevent destruction in case of flooding. That’s when the idea for the castle was born.

The castle took nearly 12 years to complete. Soloman now lives there with his wife. His daughter also lives on the large property.

He has also built a huge restaurant inside a section of the castle along with a hotel, making it both a dream house and business.