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    Kara Şeyler - Black Things

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    This song is a peace from the album "Sounds of Sunrise" and was recorded in Vienna, Austria in 1996 by Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras, lyrics by Gülay Princess and music by Josef Wolfgang Olt, released at cdbaby:

    Kara şeyler/Black Things

    Black things are also beautiful,
    if they are lovable and loved
    Black words, black faces...

    There are many white things, anyway
    Would white things be of any value,
    if black things would not exist

    But let us put aside
    these blacks and whites
    We have to search for the other colours
    these are from nature

    Genuine colours from nature
    are intended fpor people
    who know how to see them,
    to feel them, to love them...

    Gülay Princess - vocal
    Josef Wolfgang Olt - flut
    Asim Al-Chalabi - Oud
    Karin Haubner - violin
    Peter Christian Lemberg - guitar
    Alfred Stütz - bass guitar
    Mohssen Azimzadeh - Nagara

    official website of Gülay Princess & The Ensemble Aras: