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    Leaving Egypt behind


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    Egypt faces fresh uncertainty after more protests and a violent crackdown. Tourism has been decimated by political turmoil. Daniela Suter and her Egyptian husband Nasser Amin Gadawy recently returned to Switzerland with their children from their home in the Sinai region. Back in Löhningen in canton Schaffhausen they hope to start a new life.
    The family’s departure from Egypt is not a simple return to Daniela Suter’s birthplace. They have come back to a familiar place but they have to rediscover their bearings.
    Nine years ago, the couple decided to settle down in the small Egyptian coastal town of Dahab, 80 kilometres northeast of the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, to start a family. It has been hard for them to leave their Egyptian home, especially as they realise they might never again see many of their friends there.

    But since arriving in Switzerland their children have managed to make new friends quickly. Daniela has a new job and Nasser is keen to learn German and to find work as soon as possible. He knows Switzerland from earlier trips, but it will take him time to establish himself in the local community.

    (All pictures and texts © Fabian Stamm)