Panda baby Yuan Yaun and his mother are so so connected.

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Yuan Yuan and her baby now spend most of their time together and she can sneak some time to rest without worry. She is a very loving mother who gives bed to her baby. Both mother and baby even have the same sleeping postures. The baby shows various cute sleeping gestures, making us wonder what sweet dreams she was having. Yuan Yuan will check from time to time to see if her baby needs nursing or wants to ease herself. She will carry her baby skillfully, and stimulate her baby to poo poo. This is a good time to observe mother-baby interaction. The baby which has got used to her mother's embrace, can now even defecate in her sleep. Yuan Yuan's motherly love can be seen through her actions. After she makes sure her baby has no more other needs she will place her baby back to bed, only then she will return to rest. Once the baby cries, Yuan Yuan rushes to check on her or cuddles her gently to comfort her. She waits until her baby falls back to sleep, then only she leaves.

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