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    IN THE PAPERS - 'If you can bail out a bank, you can plug the hole in the pensions deficit'

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    The political 'rentrée' dominates French papers. The Socialist government is back at work and faces tough decisions on pension, criminal justice and social security reform. The papers agree: it's decision time. We look at criticism in the right-wing press as well as comment by a union leader. Syria is also a top concern: Le Figaro interviews French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Join us for our look at the French papers.
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    Some articles from today’s international press review:  
    LE PARISIEN-AUJOUR’DHUI-EN-FRANCE: ‘Don’t change the number of years we have to pay to get a full pension’
    LIBERATION says it is decision time on a number of policies for the Socialist government
    L’OPINION argues Hollande is hesitating too much on pensions reform
    LE FIGARO has an interview with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on Syria

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