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    Leonidas Squadron - Secret Nazi Unit in WW2

    Tomasz Derent

    by Tomasz Derent

    The V-1 was a flying bomb and an early predecessor of the cruise missiles. Its development took place at Peenemünde base in Germany. It had been mainly used to bomb Great Britain, with the first rocket fired at London on 13 June 1944. V-1 rockets were also known as Fieseler Fi 103, as it had been developed by Gerhard Fieseler Werke company.

    In 1944, a new version had been created – the Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg. It was a manned version of the V-1 rocket. Germans were losing the war, but there was still a number of fanatical Nazis, who came up with the idea of using suicide pilots to carry on attacks on Allied Forces. Initially, there were plans of using a Messerschmitt ME 328, which was designed as a parasite aircraft, but it had been decided to switch to V-1 rockets and adapt them for the new purpose. The men behind the idea of a suicide attacks were Otto Skorzeny and Hajo Herrmann. They also managed to secure the support of Hanna Reitsch, the famous German female test pilot.