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    Udayen n tahcurt


    par johra_ali

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    belle video, et la fin en kabyle ça déchire... le pauvre mec il a énuméré toute la misère du monde en quelques phrases !!! MDR
    Par aintouta1Il y a 8 ans
    imachar hhhhhhhhhhhh oudayn hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Par bziouhdomIl y a 8 ans
    azul a utma negh n ghur hemmi buc !

    s tmazight dan tini "seksu"(sekssou) taam hat ca yadnin
    in tamazight we said "seksu"(sekssou) taam is an other thing, but it's true somme imazighen said that !
    you makes couscous in usa, great don't forget our traditionnal meals. You never told me where are you from tamazirt, and if you want to come this summer, try to come in august i'll invit you in our amazigh cultural "fiesta"

    you'll have somme explaination of this tradition on the forum in this topic "LE CARNAVAL DE L'ACHOURA A IGOULMIMEN"
    s timmuzgha
    Par johra_aliIl y a 9 ans
    bint l'ness Imazighen Magreb
    Johra this is interesting, I will have to go to to get the explanation because i am intrigued....

    the song is great! as usual ^,^ wak wakkk hhhhhhh @ 9:40 I am making couscous right now!!! hhhhh but not with a tajin =( how do we say it in Chelha "t'a3m".

    I still haven't traveled to that part of the south, but my uncle always brings me back pictures of the place that is shown at the end with the two tall towers! I've only seen it in pictures, so it was very nice to see it now in video!!! thank you so much Johra!!!!! You are so amazing and I adore you for sharing this, inchallah I will visit this summer and get to travel to the south =) thalay f rassek khati